Emu Oil

Description of Emu Oil

Emu oil is oil that has many wonderful healing properties is made from the fat of a bird called the emu. The emu is a bird that is largely found in Australia and it is very huge in size. It can reach up to 6.6 feet if it stands to its full height. It looks akin to an ostrich and has very strong legs and a pencil thin neck. They are flightless birds and weigh from 40 to 106 lbs. They have extremely good eyesight, hearing capabilities and can run at top speeds. Their legs are muscular and strong enabling them to break down wire cages if they want to get out.

The Origin of the Emu Oil (History)

There is evidence that proves the Australian Aborigines used emu oil. They used to hang the emu from a tree and the sun would act as a catalyst to melt the fat. The original inhabitants of Australia collected emu oil in its liquefied form to enhance its natural properties.

Extraction of Emu Oil

Emu oil is scientifically proven to help with several skin conditions. The oil has been in use for thousands of years in Australia. The extraction of oil is done in such a way that the maximum oil is obtained without any wastage. This extraction is not possible when the bird is alive because it is from the meat that one gets emu oil. There are hundreds of ranches in Australia and US, that emu oil extraction is a major profit making business. These places raise the emu just for getting its meat and oil. There is a thick pad of fat that is found in the back of an adult emu bird. Once the bird is killed, the meat is carved out and the fat removed. The fat is first broken up into small pieces and later melted to obtain emu oil. The process doesn’t stop there because if it is to be sold in the markets, the emu oil has to be filtered, refined, sterilized and finally deodorized. There are different types of emu oil and not all of them go through these stages. Filtered emu oil, the first step after extraction doesn’t free the oil from contaminants and bacteria. It is necessary that the oil be exposed to extremely high temperatures if the bacteria should be rendered harmless. The rest of the bird is then processed for its expensive red meat and sold.

Standards Maintained in the Production of Emu Oil (Production)

There are certain quality standards that are to be maintained with the extraction of emu oil. It is a highly expensive product and so one is likely to find cheap imitations. Purely extracted emu oil will not be perfumed. In addition, if one comes across cheap imitations, avoid them and report them to the concerned authorities. There are some companies that display fake addresses and labels, so it is important that the consumer ask for Certificate of Analysis (COA) before buying emu oil. This certificate will show all the components that are used in the making of emu oil. To avoid being duped it is important that one buy from a reputed company. Suspect any companies that have sprung up out of the blue and check if they are listed with any business monitoring service like the Better Business Bureau.

Types of Emu Oil

Several types of emu oil are present in the market. Pure emu oil is available and if the user prefers the product in different forms, then consider getting lotions, shampoos, conditioners, skin creams, soaps and a variety of other cosmetic products. In its pure form, emu oil acts as a pain reliever. The other common types of emu oil are regular, ultra and ultra clean. They must all be American Emu Association (AEA) Certified to prevent duplicity. These three types are used for different conditions, for example, the user can apply ultra emu oil for mitigating inflammations and muscle aches. It can also provide relief for swelling, redness, pain and itching of the skin. The regular emu oil is refined, pure and natural. It nourishes the skin and can be applied on scars and wrinkles. It is different from other types of emu oil because it has a creamy kind of consistency. The ultra clear oil can be used for removing scars and stretch marks in the skin. It absorbs into the skin immediately and clears it of wrinkles and lines. To ensure transparency, the oil is triple refined and hence will vanish as soon as it is applied. It has the consistency of liquid and is both odorless and non-greasy. Each of these oils has their own functions to perform. The trade rules mandated by AEA categorize oil of emu into three grades like the crude emu oil, once refined emu oil and fully refined emu oil.

Emu Oil Composition

The composition found in the emu oil is almost the same as of those found in fish oil, evening primrose oil and macadamia oil (it contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids). It has omega fatty acids and a high concentration of linoleic acid for skin treatments. Read more about other oils that contain Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids: safflower oil, sunflower oil, flaxseed oil, rapeseed oil.

Properties of Emu Oil

Scientific studies prove that emu oil has amazing and unique properties to heal skin disorders and facilitate hair growth. This product is not like other products that one finds in the market. People who regularly use other cosmetic creams and lotions will be aware of the fact that they clog the pores of the skin. This has adverse effects on skin care and actually degenerates the skin faster. Both government and private laboratories have confirmed the healing properties of emu oil. It gets into the skin deeper than all other products because of lack of phosphorous. Try getting products that have no phosphorus in them because human skin is ‘programmed’ to keep it away. There is a high concentration of oleic acid in emu oil and this aids in skin penetration. Oleic acid helps emu oil have anti-inflammatory properties. The presence of linolenic acid in emu oil helps in combating muscle pain and joint pain in elderly people. Emu oil has anti-clogging properties and this too makes it easier for skin penetration making it a huge success as cosmetic product.

Emu Oil Uses

Emu oil has multiple uses. It can be used by people of all ages and it provides relief to many of the ailments experienced by old people. There are both external and internal uses for the emu oil. It can be applied on various parts of the body to cure skin problems and it could be consumed as a capsule form too. It contains omega fatty acids 3, 6 and 9 and giving it to young kids will improve their general health and well-being. The emu oil can be massaged in to the hair to prevent hair loss to a certain extent. Women use this oil to remove stretch marks caused by pregnancy. It is the tearing of skin fibers that causes these stretch marks. Therefore, it can happen on any part of the body. Emu oil is a non-greasy is product and there is a method of applying it. To do away with the stretch marks, a woman can apply emu oil on her body 2-3 times everyday. Since emu oil is a concentrated product, it is mandatory that she uses only two or three drops at a time. This oil can be used in a diluted form too by mixing it in the water that she is about bathe in. Soaking in the water containing emu oil for 10 minutes will do wonders for her skin.

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